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It is a process technology of heating the material up to 1150 ℃ and above for further shaping. This technology usually applied on products requiring a vast surface of reshaping.p>

Step1:Material- Iron,Carbon Steel,Alloy steel,Automatic feeding station Step2:Cut off-160~750 TON Pressure crop Taiwan,Saw Machine Step3:Heating-Induction Furnace,Continuous aluminum furnace,Automated mechanical arm Step4:Hot forging-High-speed precision warm forging machine FP600,High-speed precision warm forging machine FP600G,High-speed precision warm forging machine FP1000G Step5:Punching trimming-100~1300 TON Vertical Punch,High Speed Precision Lathe,Infrared thermometer,Semicircle rolling machine Step6:Sand blasting-Sandblasting Equipment,EDM machine Step7:Sizing-Plastic Machine Step8:Packaging-Stacker